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Criticized by the CT


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While practicing in the pattern yesterday doing touch and goes, I had a bit of a hard landing. At touch down, I swear I heard something from AHARS. Took out the flaps, full power and back in the air. Once airborne, I asked the CFI if he heard that. Did the airplane just say "Geeze!" to me? He was laughing his butt off and didn't answer so I said it wasn't great for the ego for the plane to criticize me. Once he finally stopped laughing (probably mid field on the down wind) he said it was likely an instrument "accelerometer" saying "G". Of course the natural question was if the landing was actually that hard and he said no. It wasn't hard enough to hurt anything and while not ideal, not terrible either. So, many better landings later and feeling a little bit redeemed I did a full stop and was done for the day. I'm pretty sure that rascal was still smiling at me and giving me grief as I walked away. 


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Don't feel bad, the CT tail will stall during a prolonged flare resulting in the wing stalling. It's just the aerodynamics of the CT design. My understanding is that the issue was resolved with the F2. I was able to resolve the issue with vg's and a lot of testing but it can only be done if you are ELSA, FD will never approve vg's,  it's not worth the R&D expense. 

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30 minutes ago, Anticept said:

I had a student who asked this too. I was laughing for several minutes once I realized she thought it said jeeze.

Yes it said G's. Likely the G warning is set really low, and honestly that's a good thing.

I'm glad it's happened before. 😂 

I was more surprised than anything else. Other than commenting on the landing prowess I couldn't think what else it was talking about. Mean little plane. 

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43 minutes ago, Madhatter said:

A lot of SW's got bent gear on hard landings, LS is also susceptible.  You can't land a CT like a j3 cub in a full stall configuration unless you're already on the ground.

This particular plane has had right main gear issues in the past. I believe they've been replaced / repaired twice in the planes life. I can't believe how well it performs given the history. I really enjoy flying this bird but I am jealous of how beautiful the planes owned on this site are. 

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Ha! Great story Jeff! Thanks for sharing. Pretty funny.

I'm sure if my Dynon audio alerts were working I would have received the same Jeeeez on a recent landing. 

Good to know Madhatter these CTs can't land in a full stall 40 degree config. I think that was my problem.

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