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Garmin sl30 antenna


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On flight designs, they are the these: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/avpages/comant120200gs.php

They are mounted to the tail underfin.

There's also a specialized kind of coupler that is used with them. I believe it is this: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/avpages/comant1203_11-19394.php?clickkey=13230

Unless you are already skilled with radios, I strongly suggest you let an avionics shop do the wiring. You need really specialist knowledge and equipment to install and test radios and antennas. There's very real risk of damaging the radio in the worst case, but more than likely it just won't function right and you'll be pulling your hair out.

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I just removed SL 30 from my panel ( upgrading to gtr 200) and as part of the process I removed nav antenna which I obviously no longer need. I don’t have a Flight Design plane but Sting S4 and antenna I removed was a cat whiskers style antenna ( which is very similar to that Rami you listed ) 


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