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Ifr training


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hello all, I have a ctls and would like to do ifr training in it but not fly in imc. With a garmin sl 30 nav/com radio, hs34 , Dynon d100, garmin 660 gps, I think I can train with that and an instructor. However, flight school says i cannot use a portable gps for dme. I agree for flying in imc but do not see anything definitive for training. I have read 91.205 and AC 90-108. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Your GPS cannot be used for anything but advisory, which basically means if it conflicts with what your nav equipment displays, you MUST use the nav equipment indications.

14 CFR 91.205 (d) (2) Two-way radio communication and navigation equipment suitable for the route to be flown.

What makes a piece of nav equipment suitable? If it has approvals for it.

For GPS, it must be TSO certified. The TSO Standards are TSO-C129(), TSO-C196(), TSO-C145(), or TSO-C146(). AIM Chapter 1-1-17

There's also some other requirements. You can train for IFR using a CT, but you cannot be on an IFR flight plan unless you have done your 43 appendix E checks (transponder and pitot static checks) (14 CFR 91.411 & 91.413). You have to have a cross country flight performed on an IFR flight plan as part of your training.

Aircraft with an IMC limitation may be used on an IFR flight plan for training and testing purposes, but MUST cancel IFR before going into IMC. https://drs.faa.gov/browse/excelExternalWindow/DRSDOCID169988279020221028202159.0001



Section 5-439

A.  IFR Training in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC). Instrument flight
training may be conducted during VMC in any aircraft that meets the equipment requirements of
§§ 91.109 and 91.205, and, for an airplane operated in controlled airspace under the IFR system,
§§ 91.411 and 91.413. An aircraft may be operated on an IFR flight plan under IFR in VMC,
provided the pilot in command (PIC) is properly certificated to operate the aircraft under IFR.
However, if the aircraft is not approved for IFR operations under its TC, or if the appropriate
instruments and equipment are not installed or are not operative, operations in IMC are

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