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Oil thermstat installation photo


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Mind you this is a VERY old picture (10 years).

The internal construction of the thermostat basically means it doesn't matter, as long as the hot side (oil reservoir is on the bottom, opposite the side with the endcap with the snap ring) is on bottom, and the cold side to the the engine is on the top.

Instructions attached.


300013 rev6.pdf

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For me, up here in ohio during the cold cold months, they help a lot.

I could see them being unnecessary and actually hindering cooling for those flying in the warm places :P

That said, looking at the installation diagram, I could see a potential useful change with routing.


Basically, I could cap off one of the outlets, and run the far side of the cooler and from the thermostat to a tee and take it to the inlet of the oil pump. Would save a length of hose. It potentially might even be able to be moved to the left side of the airplane as a result, saving a LOT of hose and routing.

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On 2/22/2023 at 8:34 AM, Roger Lee said:

I'm not a fan of the thermostats either. I've had a few people ask me to take them out. Some are overly concerned about being too exact on temps. Plus they are always in the way when doing other maint.

Not to mention the chance of an oil line coming loose and the engine seizing in flight. 

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I have an engine heater which would get the engine to about 75.  I initially installed the thermostat to further speed up engine warm-up to 120F.  I found it would warm up faster, but when the thermostat opened it cooled off again and had to heat up again.  I don't think I saved enough time on engine warm-up to make it worth while, but I'm sure it's an individual preference item.  I'm in Iowa, but I'm not sure location makes a big difference for many of us because at a certain temperature, I'm not going flying anyway.

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