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Silicone Coolant Hoses


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I'm in the process of swapping out my oil & fuel hoses to teflon, and was about to switch out the 1" diameter sections of coolant hose, when it was suggested by two different people familiar with Rotax 912 engines to switch to a silicone hose instead of my current Gates rubber hose, for better heat resistance and hose longevity.  I'm not currently thinking of replacing the 17mm spiral-wound hoses, just the larger 1" sections at the back of the engine and where they connect to the rigid pipes going to/from the radiator and "spider".

Does anybody have any experience using 1" silicone hoses on a CT?  If so and it's recommended, a brand recommendation would be great.  I see Gates makes them and a straight section is about $20/foot on Amazon.

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5/8''  can replace the 17 mm 

Amazon has a great choice of silicone in size and colors..

for the 1''  I use this



that's what Zenair/Zenith put in their kit

I have done it for many years myself


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5 hours ago, shiny.ice said:

Does silicone/teflon allow those hoses to be replaced on a longer interval than 5 years?

Probably not technically, but silicone is supposed to have greater longevity so if you are E-LSA and want to run "on condition" then they will probably last longer.


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7 hours ago, Tom Baker said:

Andy, If you have the engine off the mount to replace engine shock mounts, replace the four bottom 17mm coolant hoses. Do this whether you use rubber or silicone. They are almost impossible to replace while the engine is on the airplane.

Good idea, thanks.

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