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Main pins attached, caps in place?


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40 minutes ago, Tom Baker said:

The main pins are the two metal things that protrude forward of the spar, that look like handles. The caps are on the rear side of the spar, and have a allen head cap screw attaching the caps. The pins pass through both the left and right wing spars.

Thank you, I did find a schematic showing the assembly with the caps toward the rear (I was looking at the front) What is the reasoning for checking them on preflight? Just to check that nothing vibrated loose or incase your mechanic replaced the wings and went to lunch before the pins were put back in? 

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The mechanic can't forget to put the pins in. The wing is not supported in place without the pins. What could happen is if the mechanic forgot to torque the screw in the cap, is the cap could fall off, and the pin work its way out. If that happened it would be a parachute day for sure.

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