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Neuform Prop For Sale


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Hey all...

I have a factory CTSW Neuform Prop for sale, it came off my 2007 CTSW.  It's got about 800 hours on it and is in good shape.  In spite of always being hangared, it does have some cracks in the gelcoat on the blades which was confirmed by FD-USA to be 100% cosmetic and non-structural.  There have been a couple of very minor chips in the edge protector on a couple of blades over the years that have been smoothed over with epoxy, if I didn't point them out you'd never see them.  The prop has been dynamically balanced on my airplane at Lockwood and runs very smoothly with no vibration.

This is a good, serviceable prop I'd fly behind anywhere and has carried me all over the USA. I'm only selling it because I changed to an E-Prop.  This would make a good inexpensive replacement if you've had a prop strike or need a new prop for any other reason, or if you just want to have a spare Neuform hub, blades, and spinnner around. I'll provide pics to anybody interested, just post here or PM me.

Asking $1000.  I might be interested in trades if you have anything CT-related that's interesting!

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Neuform's manuals lay out the guidance.

Neuforms use a pretty thick gelcoat to protect the fabric. There is no guidance as to the amount of damage that can be done to the gelcoat covering, just that it can be repaired with resin ordered from Neuform.

If fabric is damaged in ANY way, they consider the propeller compromised. That means broken fabric threads, delamination, etc.

0 cracking is tolerated in the hub.

Cracks in the gelcoat of the propeller must be sanded down and inspected to verify if it's a symptom of a larger issue. This isn't something to take lightly, by the time their gelcoat cracks usually the issues going on underneath have gotten pretty advanced.

Outside of that, gencoat damage isn't a reason to ground the aircraft.

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On 3/31/2023 at 5:58 PM, CTLSiAdventurer said:


I'm new here and a new pilot but also an owner of a CTLSi. What would you consider minor chips, referring to those you mentioned above that have been epoxied? How large of a chip would you consider too large to repair with epoxy?

Thank you.


Sorry, I just saw this for some reason.  There are 2-3 small chips.  All are in the edge protector, which is a thicker, harder build up area.  They are nicks in the protector, but do not extend down into the fabric or structure of the prop.  When I was using the prop I’d periodically inspect the repairs.  The epoxy used never had any issues and the nicks never grew or anything.  In fact, if I didn’t point them out to you you wouldn’t be able to see the repairs.  I asked several people which blades had repairs, and nobody ever could tell until I showed them.

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