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Local area flight with wing mounted GoPro includes a touch-n-go


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The program is ForeFlight, running on an iPad mini.   It is connected via WiFi to a ForeFlight Sentry ASD-B receiver for traffic & weather SA.  My wife has an iPad Air on a knee board also connected to the Sentry.  She uses it to help with traffic situational awareness but mostly to track progress along our route and identify cities and landmarks along the way. 

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Great video from all angles!!  Thanks so much for your work to create the videos and share them with us.

Have you (or your passengers) ever hit their head on the overhead beam.  In the cam angle facing you from the front there seems to be very little clearance between your heads and the beam.  If you encountered turbulence, is head injury a possibility?  I'm very interested in purchasing a CTSW or CTLS, but that overhead beam concerns me.



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Hello John,

Thank you for the very nice compliment.  I am glad you are enjoying the videos.  There are a few more on my channel where these are posted.  
Regarding the beam- it is actually located a little forward and not so much directly above.  In moderate turbulence we have never bumped the beam.  My wife did comment about her headset contacting the upper sidewall once but it was nothing to worth noting otherwise.  My only concern would be a forced landing where you are more likely to pitch forward and up. However, in that situation, per procedure, you would be tightening your harnesses just before landing.  
We love flying the CT and I highly recommend them!   Good luck!


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