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Ultimate flying giveaway


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Flying magazine has snub its nose at sport pilots.  To win the grand prize you need a Private pilot certificate.  Remember they are giving away a choice of two LSA, but not to the people that can fly them.  I wonder why the sport pilot rating has not grown as fast as expected when the premier magazine will not allow us to join the club.

). In order to receive the grand prize (“Grand Prize”), Grand Prize Winner must (among other conditions provided herein); (a) provide proof of being a private pilot via a private pilot certificate; (b) provide proof of at least fifty (50) hours of total fight time; (c) provide written sign off by a certified flight instructor with no less than 1 twenty (20) hours of instruction in the specific airplane chosen; and (d), if choosing the ICON, a seaplane rating (see “PRIZES” section for complete Grand Prize details) (collectively, the “Grand Prize Conditions”). Grand Prize Conditions must be completed within twelve (12) months from the date for which the Grand Prize Winner is confirmed


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Their own FAQ..

Q: I am not a private pilot, but I would like to start, can I still win?

A: Yes, you can still win. This giveaway is open to prospective pilots as well! You have 1 year to collect your aircraft and a $30,000 cash prize to help pay for your training. “

I’d be willing to bet they would accept a sport pilot ticket, but if not, just say you’re working towards your private pilot.  

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