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Looking For Parts Catalog


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The only new CTSW's are the Super Sports. They are similar, but not completely the same. I would have thought that the airplane would have come with one, but not 100%. I would check with Airtime Aviation.

Did you buy the one from Mississippi? If so I did the condition inspection on it last year. It is a neat airplane.

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Hi Tom,

My CT Super was the "Last Plane Out" as it shipped from the plant in Kherson, Ukraine at the end of January last year.  The Russians took Kherson a few weeks later.  After outfitting in the Czech Republic, shipping delays transatlantic and difficulties getting the U.S. airworthiness process done, I took delivery in Connecticut last June.  Note that the designation is CT Super to avoid the "SS" connotation of Super Sport.  However, the vertical stabilizer logo is "CTSL" for CT Super Light.  Go figure.

No parts catalog came with the airplane and I did not think to ask Tom P at the time.  I will try AirTime Aviation.

Thanks, Bruce




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Hi Bruce,

I did a condition inspection on one last summer. When I spoke to the owner earlier this year he thought he was going to close on its sale that day. I haven't heard anything since. It was a carbureted version. It had a lot of neat features that I hope follow other CT's if they do get them back in production. I wish I had went out and flew it whil I had the chance.


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