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Weeping fuel drain on bottom of header tank


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The fuel drain on the bottom of the header tank is always wet. Sometimes with a drop of fuel hanging from it. I’ve replaced the valve but that didn’t fix it. Here is a pic of what I’m seeing after draining the header tank. It appears the female threaded fitting is epoxied in and I fear that may be what’s leaking. 
Any thoughts or solutions appreciated. 


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Those drain valves tend to hold some fuel in them for quite a while after draining fuel. Make sure it is absolutely dry, then check it a day later. Also check around where the valve screws in for wetness. Touch the edge of a tissue around where the threads are. The tissue will wick small amounts of fuel if there is a leak.

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Hey Bill. My friend, Ron, had the same issue with his SI. Here’s the problem, the boss fitting that the valve threads into is epoxied to the bottom of the tank. The hole that is drilled into the bottom of the tank is too small and the valve bottoms out on the tank bottom and isn’t tight in the threads. Ron took the valve out and drilled a bigger hole so that the valve is actually up in the tank a bit. He put grease on his drill bit to try to capture the filings.

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