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Carb bowl gasket failure in flight


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The gaskets coming out now is a soft pliable rubber, and they work really well.

I have seen warped carb bowls too.

When installing anything rubber, give it a thin coating of white lithium grease. It helps keep the rubber soft and pliable, and from sticking.

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They should for $77 each. Although, I got 2 plus some other assorted gaskets and O-rings for $75. Rafaella at Lockwood suggested this option. She said they were the same gaskets they sell for $77 each. I am not sure how this can be true but it was. The old gasket looked fine to me.

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12 hours ago, Ken said:

Hi Roger:

My CTSW is ELSA. Have you had success with Real Gasket?




Real Gaskets Tennessee makes lots of gaskets for certified aircraft, I've been using their Rotax gaskets for several years. I wouldn't give Rotax the satisfaction of selling me a gasket at their price. It's one of the worst examples of price abuse I've seen in years. If Rotax keeps doing this it will open up competitors, aviation is littered with examples of this.

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I ordered 2 sets today. We should start a forum section for Alternative Rotax Engine parts. 



https://tbirdspoweredparachutes.com/product/bing-54-float/ $52 each I think these are the same ones used in the 64.


I have used JBM rubber for years on 2 cycle Rotax engines and they lasted years longer than Rotax parts. All they make for the Rotax 912 is the Carb Socket. 

Others please join in, please. 

I know there are alternative carb bowel floats as well I am not sure if they are cheaper but I bet they are better. 

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