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SL40 - Poor Reception


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Flying along at 3000 AGL in relatively flat Midwest. I’m having issues picking up awos from outside of 10 miles. What kind of range is everyone else seeing? Transmit on CTAF is fine at the same range and crystal clear. To get a static filled awos, I end up pulling the squelch out till about 5 miles. Shop just checked all the grounds and okayed, but referred me to the avionics shop. 

Antenna? SL40 itself? Open to suggestions or places to look! Final note, popped all the breakers out to see if it was another circuit causing disruption, no change 

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If your comm side is weak as well, it may be some oxidation on the antenna screws / nuts / ground plane plate.  A couple years ago my comm side was weak, and cleaning all theses with some scotch brite made a significant difference.  These through bolt through the composite, and antenna base is conductive through the heads, assuming you have an antenna similar to my '06 SW.  These fasteners were not very tight either, cleaning and snugging up to ground plane was world of difference better.

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As a follow up to this - we swapped in another SL40 and it cured all the issues. I popped the cover and unfortunately do not see anything obvious. 

Anyone have a hot lead on a independant repair person? Garmin quoted $950 for a repair. 

Also entertaining the idea of simply replacing the radio with something else. 

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