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New CTLS owner questions


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Hello all, new CTLS owner here (2012). I was just made aware of this forum and have been looking thru it. Thanks for all the helpful info. Wish would have known about it before. I have around 30 hours in my CTLS (working on my PPL) and still struggling with landings. Any information on landings (and any other helpful info on training) would be greatly appreciated. I am based in Miami, Florida.



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Hi Victor,

I’m Doug in So. IL. Welcome to the on-going journey to pilot proficiency. 

You may have said  already, and if you don’t mind sharing, what other aircraft might you have time in? 

I’m not an instructor, but I’ve had some pretty good ones like Roger and Tom.



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Hi Doug! And thanks for the welcome. I have some time in a Vashon Ranger (around 10 hrs) and in a Skyreach Bushcat (around 20hrs).


PS. Thanks Roger Lee for all the helpful info, already started using some. 

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I have even less hours than you but found 2 things helpful.

1.  Somebody told me - you are a leaf on the wind, act like it.  

2.  I placed a piece of painters tape on my left A-post where the "average" runway side line meets when I'm on the ground.  In the last few feet (where the problems are) I convince myself that I must let the tape come down to the runway side to be at the right height.  No flare until they're very close.  That and speed control has allowed me to start making consistently decent (if not good) landings.  


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