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Bahamas Mon!


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Just got back from Freeport Grand Bahama. Flew KMLB, KPBI, MYGF, and back after 2 day visit. 

No need to take on fuel. Still had 11 gallons left. The 912Is is just so efficient. Fun trip, but the paperwork and DHS procedures can be intimidating. 
N838Q if you’re interested in looking at the flight path. 
Highly recommend. It’s a whole different world over there, but you have to fly 80 miles over open ocean, and wear a life jacket. 
Eat the conch salad and enjoy. 


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Here are my trip numbers if you’re interested.

 0A7 to MLB ( Melbourne Fl.) 3:38 hrs
MLB to MYGF ( Freeport Grand Bahama) 1:33 hrs
MYGF to PBI ( Palm Beach International to clear in) 46 min  ( parked next to Trump plane!) 
PBI to MLB  56 min
MLB to FHB ( Fernandina Beach weather diversion) 1:35
FHB to 0A7  2:47
Total flight time 11hours 15 min. 
Total fuel burn 53 gallons
4.8 GPH average fuel burn.
Never added oil. 
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