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What is this rubber flap under the oil cooler?


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Baffling. Not the confused kind, but the kind that forces airflow not to flow around the cooler and instead through it.

You must have it. If it's in poor condition, replace it.

When baffling is in poor condition, air goes around it and raises static pressure behind the cowl. This reduces airflow through all cooling components.

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I replaced mine a few weeks ago with 1/8" x 4" baffle material, it takes about two feet and costs about $20.  It's thicker and stiffer than the original thin black material.  I just matched the holes to old baffle on a drill press (hand drill would work fine) and made it slightly wider than the radiator.  Seems to work great.  Link:

Silicone Rubber Baffle Material at ACS

You can use the same material on the muffler shroud inlet, if those pieces are missing you'll likely not get good cabin heat.

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