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Float installation sling point

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On 5/19/2023 at 11:14 PM, Anticept said:

Support under the wings and a tail weight. maintenance manual tells you where the jack points are.


Corey,, I checked some CT manuals and did not find anything about jack points....do you have a link please ?

I,m sure Murray won't mind showing some pictures....as I know the plane from day one,  I have some

Before... like any other SW ...after  few pictures attached ...but for ..during installation... it's to Murray to decide

CT amphib flying.jpg

CT amphib wing install.JPG

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Huh i thought they were in there. Maybe it was a service document.

Anyways, the wing skin is very thin and you can crush the core, so when it's jacked, it needs to have a large pad supporting under the spar. Even a ladder is fine, but you need to have that padding. A couple thick towels work. It will want to rest on the skin just aft of the spar because that sits a little lower than the spar itself.

Just inboard of the inspection holes on the underside of the wing are ribs. Those are the best places to jack.

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Thanks for the replies.   It was a long trip and I must admit that before I left I hired an instructor to do a few circuits as it took awhile to get comfortable with the plane.   The plane was great for cross country.  I love the long range and economy.   I have a lancair as well but the ct is fast enough to satisfy.  After three 8 hour days i made it home safe and sound.   Then when I was taking a friend for a ride the low fuel alarm started flashing.   I checked tbe fuel lines and found three fuel lines I could pull off with my fingers.   The 5 year rubber was just done prior to the purchase.   I suppose I got lucky.   I changed the clamps that were crimped on but loose.  otherwise everything is great and I really like the plane    I pick up the amphibious floats next week and will install them asap    I’m happy to have this site to learn about the plane and I’ve spent a lot of time reading posts    


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not the case, wings were off because the plane was stored for 1 1/2 years....few times...the former owner don't remember how the floats were installed first time,,it was over 15 years ago.....and that was done by a technician that came from Ukraine

Airtime Aviation should know how to do it

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