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Bendix King xCruze100 Queries

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Hi guys,

I have watched Bruce Grammon’s very helpful YouTube video on how to set-up the Bendix King xCruze100 autopilot head-unit but it left me with quite a few questions.  I am the owner of a 2006 Flight Design CTSW and, like at least 8 other pilots in the UK who are retro-fitting xCruze100’s into their CTSW aircraft, we have no manufacturer’s settings available from an install manual (which Bruce often alludes to) nor do many of us (me!) fully understand what some of the settings mean or do.
I think most of us are familiar with the Baud Rate, Default Vertical Speed, Min & Max Airspeed and Bank Angle settings but are unfamiliar with what Lateral Activity, Micro Activity, Vertical Activity and Static Lag mean.
I understand that BK are not the aircraft's manufacturer and cannot specifically say what head-unit menu settings would be applicable to a CTSW aircraft but I wonder whether: (a) other CTSW owners which have a factory-fitted TruTrak autopilot could supply the settings that were used and (b) could any autopilot 'expert' explain what the less obvious settings (see paragraph 2) fully mean and what we should be looking for when we make an adjustment to those settings? 
I also understand that versions of CTSW aircraft exported to the USA were fitted for a period of time with the TruTrak autopilot but those units had far more adjustability in the set-up menu than the xCruze100 does.  Can anyone supply a list of settings that were used on USA CTSW aircraft fitted with the TruTrak units which can compare to the simpler xCruze100 unit’s set-up menu, please?  Or has anyone installed a BK xCruze100 autopilot in their aircraft and could they publish what settings they used?  Many thanks.
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Hi Tom,

Many thanks for that; I hadn't thought to look that far back on the forum. 

Althought the xCruze100 menu doesn't quite have so many adjustable settings (for example, torque values are preset at 100%) the other settings can be adjusted and I will enter them into my head-unit.  

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