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I'm currently working on this Light Sport Repairman class, and one cool part of it is that a lot of the assignments involve writing about or thinking about maintenance/repairs done on a theoretical airplane - in my case I of course use my CTSW.  I've been going through the maintenance manual that came with the airplane, but am wondering if Flight Designs also publishes a repair manual, or some repository of repair procedures?


Anyone know if such a thing exists?




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Yes flight design has more documentation than what is published publicly.


Bit of background and expanded answer:

In the big airplane world, the documents for maintaining and repairing them spans volumes, for a total of tens of thousands of pages. So, you have maintenance manuals, which detail the usual scope and detail of typical maintenance, and then you have different repair documents and manuals for the airframe, engine, and appliances.

"Repair Manuals" are rarely published separately in the small aircraft world. They're usually part of the maintenance manuals. That's the same for a lot of S-LSAs.

Flight Design does have repair documentation that isn't included in the maintenance manual.

One of the most common reasons you would get a copy of one of these is to repair skin damage to the airplane. It details how to repair one side, as well as how to do a two sided repair if you had a hole that punched all the way through. It also details things that the document doesn't cover and areas that are not field repairable.

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