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Sl 40 sidetone muffled


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Hi all need help I’m sure it’s not a big problem but I’m tired and want my plane back. I installed a new sigtronics intercom hooked up with my Garmin sl 40 with dynon audio connected to my headphone wire. My problem now is I get a muffled sidetone when transmitting.  My intercom is clear and dynon warnings are coming across clear. Just muffled when I transmit. Any help would be appreciated.

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Sidetone Level Adjustment
The sidetone volume was preset at the factory to what should be an acceptable level. The level
can be adjusted in the System Functions mode. To adjust the sidetone level:
1. Press and hold the MON button for about two seconds. This will access the System
Functions mode.
2. Rotate the LARGE knob to display the SIDETONE LVL page.
3. Rotate the SMALL knob to change the level number. The range of the number is 000 to
255, with 128 producing one half of full rated output. A setting of 000 slaves the level to
the Volume knob.
4. Press any key to exit the Setup Functions mode.
5. Select an appropriate frequency, key the transmitter, and talk into the microphone to check
the level.


Don't use the volume knob slaving, it sucks.

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