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Last Mile Solution


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There has been a few threads on this subject. 

I use my CT for long cross country trips almost weekly, and have been trying to find a good last mile solution. after extensive research I found an e-scooter that has the following specs:

Claimed Top Speed: 25mph - Actual test is around 23 

Claimed range: 21 miles - Actual unknown at this time, but most reviewers online found this to be accurate

Claimed Weight: 24.8 lbs - Actual is 26.4 ( I have inquiry to manufacturer about this)



It even fits in the baggage door of a CTSW. 




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I read a number of scooter reviews when I bought mine (GoTrax Apex). The T15 was rated very well for being compact, but that was all. It also gave a realistic range of 4 miles. While I love how compact it is, there are to many drawbacks for me, especially the range.

I got my GoTrax on sale at Target for $250. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money until I saw how practical it would be. It shows a range of 15 miles, but reviews give it 8-10 miles. I rode it at 10 mph (it has cruise control) and got 10 miles out of it. It will fit in the baggage compartment of my SW, but I have to pull the seat to get it in. Once it is loaded , I can get the seat back in. The handlebars don’t collapse, which is the biggest issue with loading and storage in the baggage area, but it works.

Anyway, from advice on the forum, I think most scooters will fit, you just may have to pull the seat to get it in. Range is the biggest issue for me and the T15 won’t work for me.

Now that I have experienced how convenient they can be after landing, I may look at upgrading to a longer range model. I sure would be nice to squeeze it in through the baggage door though!

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The original post mentioned a top speed of 23 mph.  That’s way too fast for me. You’re gonna be in  a world of hurt if you wipe out at that speed. 
I have a cheap Walmart scooter on my boat.  I cruise at 10-12mph. That’s faster than a brisk jog.

Fast enough for this old man. 

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Mine does a top of 15 mph, which is fast enough for me. Running at top speed does knock the range down a bit. Mine has 8.5 inch tires. It seems that the 10 inch tires add stability and may make it more comfortable at higher speeds, but 15 mph is still fast enough for me.

Mine also has a 4 bar battery life gauge. On mine, don’t trust it! Pretty consistent until the last bar, then it goes really quick . It’s no fun to carry by hand very far!

Neighbor kid has an electric skateboard with awesome speed and decent range. Works well on rough surfaces, which surprised me. It would be perfect for sticking in the baggage compartment. I tried it, I’m to old and scared.

Scooters are still a great tool if you have to get somewhere when you land!

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