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KY 97A memory useage

Jim Meade

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I see that you can program 9 frequencies into memory in the King KY 97A radio (such as the one I have in my SW). The manual tells how to do that. It also tells how to change frequencies on the active side without going through the standby/flipflop.


I'm so used to having two radios that I find only one very restrictive. I like to catch ATIS before checking into or switching between ATC, for example. Or, I may wish to monitor traffic at the upcoming airport before leaving flight following.


Sadly, I don't have an SL40 (better yet, an SL 30)


I do have a handheld Icom A6, but with no external antenna and I haven't really tried to see if I can wire it into my headset.


So, getting back to the initial issue, do any of you have neat tricks for using all the features of the KY 97A that you would be willing to share?



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