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Spot Track to Mexico


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Ahhhhh! On the beach enjoying a slight breeze and gorgeous weather. This place is great, as the owner will pick you up at the airport and even has a free loaner car for trips around town. The town of San Felipe is quite alive and busy, compared to many other places I've seen. Lots of restaurants and drinking holes, and lots of shops. We'll have to organize a fly-in sometime. Pics to come soon.


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Hi Tim,.... this is Lynn. AND I'm so jealous! Make sure you and Lynell have a drink or two from me. Wish I could be hanging out with Lynell going on our beach death march... I'm so looking forward to our trip in Oct. Can't wait for the waves. Enjoy yourselves...

Lynn Lee

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Hey Lynn,

We keep saying the only thing better would be sharing it with more folks... We've definitely hoisted a few with toasts to you guys!

Now Suffer...

Shrimp Quesadillas


Shrimp-stuffed peppers


San Felipe Beach


Our Loaner Car - Fun!


The Aftermath of steamed clams...


More food... yum!




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