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CT on the race track!


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Wednesday 15 June, 2011 6:27 am | News, Owners

Recently CTsw Owner Fred McCall was returning from Dolphin Island trip in a CT.   His boss had just finished  racing at Mobile International Speedway and “Larry the Cable guy” was  doing some work for his ” Only in America” show at the same track. Mixing Racing, TV, Airplanes and mobile phones it was a natural that he was asked to do a fly by with the CT.


During the fly by Fred was asked by Owner of the racetrack if he could land.  The short field performance is great and with the 15 flap setting into the wind on the 500 Ft back straight away actually going RH around the track.  He was able to keep the speed up in the banked turn.


Wonder how fast the lap time was?





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