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Rubber Grommit in NLG Wheel Pant

Tad Olmsted

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Roger sparked this one on another thread and made me think of sharing this...


Well we all have changed the NLG tire or removed the trunion at some point. Inside the wheel pant is a small rubber grommit that is on a tab which goes around a pin on the steering fork. I've seen time and time again where a mechanic will hastily put the pant on and push the grommit out of the pant and send the plane home.


The pin then wallers out the hole where the grommit used to live and gets bigger by the day. This leads to the pant rubbing on the frame and believe it or not actually rubs away the steel frame.


Fixing the hole is easy, but takes a little time $$$


I take a little bit of 5 minute (two part) epoxy and glue that baby in the wheel pant. Now if my customer has a NLG change elsewhere the grommit should stay put and save a costly repair later on down the road.

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