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30 Jun deadline on SkyView update

Jim Meade

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I have a 2007 CTSW with Dynon D100, D120, TruTrak AP, KT 76A transponder, KY 97A radio, panel mounted Garmin 496 and 3 traditional gauges.


I have to decide by 30 Jun if I'm to take advantage of the Dynon upgrade from the D100/120 to the SkyView. After that the incentive package is gone.


I have an LOA in to FD Germany and am waiting for their decision on whether I can use the SkyView 10" or will be stuck with the 7". Initial informal info is the 10" will not be permitted. I could go ELSA and install it if I wish.


Dynon is actively working on a font size increase for the SkyView, which might make the 7" useful. I have direct reports from two pilots and have seen with my own eyes the small fonts of the 7". I can't get Dynon to give me a size increase, as they may increase some but not others. So, betting on a software fix for the SkyView 7" is a pig in a poke.


I have not been able to persuade Dynon to extend the incentive period beyond 30 Jun. They will let me buy a 10" and downsize to a 7" after FD Germany decides on the LOA. They hold the display for up to 30 days pending the decision.


I want to swap the AP for a Dynon AP, the transponder for a Dynon, and the KY97A for a Garmin SL30. The Garmin is OK for LOA. FD is looking at the AP & transponder.


I will be calling Dynon on the 30th if I decide to upgrade.


Which way would you go?









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well, I was surprised to see no comments or observations, but I'll let you know what I am doing.


I went to the Iowa City airport and looked again at the 7" and 10" SkyView installations and talked with two pilots who flew them. One liked what the system would do but was very vocally unhappy with the font. Another was a little less vocal but still pointed out the font issue. One suspects Dynon will not address the font issue because he says features will get more attention than font size. The first is also unsure of what to expect from Dynon. There is a real love-hate experience as they like some of the features very much.


Obviously, then, the issue is one of whether to take advantage of the upgrade offer or wait. Dynon would not tell me what that purported font fix in 3.2 is, nor tell me what font sizes would be changed. there is no assurance I will see anything at Oshkosh.


I called Arian at FD USA (why is it that Arian, who seems like a nice, helpful guy, never calls me when he says he will - I always have to run him down). He said FD will not approve an LOA for the 10" in the CTSW. They are working on my LOA for the Dynon AP and transponder. I can see that what is going to happen is FD is going to charge me $150 for an LOA that I no longer want or need.


Keep in mind that almost my entire reason for wanting SkyView is for Synthetic Vision, which I've flown in a test configuration years ago and which I want. That is the basis of the entire issue.


I have decided to take my CTSW from SLSA to ELSA. This may be my last airplane, but even if it isn't, is a CTSW likely to be sold to someone who will use it commercially? I'll take my chances on resale value because that is not very high on my interest list. I ordered a 10" Skyview before the deadline. The rest of the gear needed to do the upgrade is not getting the incentive, so I will make my final layout decisions and place my order at Oshkosh. I have to return the D100 and D120 in 4 months to get the credit. Dynon gets full price up front.


Now that I've decided to go ELSA, and have much more flexibility on the installation. Tad had offered some comments but he's been busy, so I have also been talking with some local, experienced avionics guys. I haven't decided yet how to address the installation issue. It will be professional and legal, just not get FD's approval. Too bad.


In any event, I'm not posting this to get any dissenting opinions about how I shouldn't go ELSA or shouldn't waste my money on a questionable Dynon product, but to bring you up to speed. No doubt, I'll be posting again later as I get into the actual installation. I'm not going to do that for a couple of months. I sure hope Synthetic Vision is worth it. I know exactly what I want it for and I'm not going there in this discussion.






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