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Initial Left Turn when Activating Nav


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Out flying the other day I noticed that whenever I activated the nav function on the autopilot the first action was the plane turned to the left. Even though it was already on in the heading mode and tracking dead nuts with the gps.

I read the manual and can't seem to find anything that's speaks to that.

Autopilot is Trutrack

Gps is GNC250XL

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Mocfly, just a guess but perhaps you were flying the correct track but the AP sensed out of trim condition with rudder and put in aileron correction which turned the plane?


To get an educated answer, somone who knows how the TruTrak functions on our forum might reply or you can go to TruTrak forum, log on and ask your question. The TruTrak techs hang out here and one will reply-



Or call TruTak and talk to one of the techs. 866.878.8725

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Yep, it could be that a crab is necessary to compensate for wind and it's turning to establish the crab. When I go to NAV mode, I always get on track, establish the crab, then hit the "direct-to" button again just before going to NAV from TRK.

Is yours "always" a left turn? How about if you've got a decent wind from the right?


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