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Going Nowhere Fast!


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My favorite passenger, Nancy and I started out for a mini-High School reunion in Southhamption NY. We planned to refuel in Orangeburg (OGB) SC, then stay with friends in Goldsboro, NC and Washington, DC. After a day we would fly to Long Island NY--well we did the traveling, but not as planned. We landed in OGB, refueled and on taxing out, the nose wheel went flat. OGB, we found out has no mechanic in residence and on Sunday noone at the field. Aftrer a number of phone calls, the manager came out to the field, he let us use a loaner car, but the mechanic who was "on call" wwould not come to see the tire, nor did he have one in stock. The biggie was his statement about never having seen a CT. Anyway, on Monday we caled Sebring, Lockwood and they overnighted a tire and tube, the mechanic was contrary, but in fact was a capable knuckle buster. Then we rented a car and went to the reunion, had a great time.


The trip to Southhampton did not go as planned, but the following Saturday, we found the CT repaired, and it was hangered, the folks were friendly and helpful. The flight back to Pensacola will be remembered as one in which XM weather in the cockpit was worth its weight in gold!


We are planning our next trip. See ya, Ken and Nancy Nolde N840KN

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Hi Ken,


If it was a stem issue it was most likely caused by a low pressure. Front tire changes can be a PITA. I now carry a spare tube for the front and main. I carry the 2-3 tools to change the front ion the tarmac and seem to do everyone else's, but mine. dry.gif






Special Note****

I have been hearing about a number of front flats and many have torn stems. The only way that happens is if the tire creeps on the rim from low pressure. We should all do a better job of watching our front tire pressure. Many have been keeping 35 psi in the front to give a little margin. The front Italian wheel is terrible and will allow the front tire to move on the wheel if you allow it to get too low. It won't look flat and the only real way to know pressure is to use a gauge. Taxiing is the time a tire will go flat as you turn the front wheel the tire creeps on the rim.

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