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LSMR Oshkosh Sep

Jim Meade

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I'm attending the 120 hour LSMR course taught by Rainbow Aviation at Oshkosh in September. Anyone else going? I'm not sure, they may or may not have an extra seat or two - if you want to sign up and haven't yet, it might be worthwhile checking with them to see if they are full. They have some very attractive housing alternatives.


Yes, at almost $4,000 this course is expensive. I'm confident it will be worth it to me, but each will have to decide if they can and want to shell out that kind of money. I expect to learn and confirm a lot, and my experience is one can learn almost as much from fellow students as from the instructor.


I'm near enough to get home every weekend. I plan to drive up the first week, which will be primarily classroom, and fly up the second and third weeks and work on my own airplane. I should learn a lot and, who knows, may learn some things about it I didn't want to know (but should). :)


I plan to do my own 5 year hose replacement next year and do some panel rework (I have local avionics friends for assistance).


We get the first level of Rotax endorsement.


It should be a fun and productive time.



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Hello Jim,

I took the course in Corning CA, Brian & Carol's home base. Very much worth it! I'll be doing my first annual in Aug. Carol

is the 'legal eagle', knowing amazing amounts about the regs, and she sits on ASTM to committees to write the regs.

Brian has amazing breadth of experience, and is an endless fount of amusing side stories. May seem like a diversion but always

relate to the topic at hand. So, enjoy the course ! I got the Rotax Service level in the RLSM course, and Maint level

from CPS in Hayward.

And as the Carpenter's say, do it by the book. (making sure you have the latest book).

also, if its not logged, it wasn't done.

I took the course not to save money on maint, but to be the best I can be as owner. Plus, I just like to be hands-on.


This site has a list of tools on one thread, and the CPS 5 year kit is comprehensive. FD doesn't yet have an SB relating

to changing the firewall-backward hoses at 5yr. They told me it is in the works. An engine pull make some parts of the

work easier; but that is listed as RLSM and FD specific training required, I don't know how to get the latter. Yet.

I think the fuel hoses to the gasscolator would be easier/possible with engine pull. And some cooling hoses from the

pump would be much easier, or you'll have to get the hose clamp pliers with the remote attachment.



Bill McCandless

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Good plan, I took the course last year in Oshkosh. I also was close enough to drive home on week ends. Due to weather I wasn't able to fly down for week two or three.


Take notes, notes, & more notes. I've been surprised at how many times I've refered back to my notes this last year.


Where are you located in Iowa? I plan to start doing some longer xcountry and might drop in on you some day.


al meyer

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I'm near KIOW Iowa City. Drop in and give me a holler and we'll "do lunch" or whatever the younger set calls it.




Sounds like a plan. Won't be for a week or two, my wife is recovering from back surgery so I need to stay close. Send me your email address or cell number so I can give you a heads up when time gets close.



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This program is great and you will be certified. They are going to cram alot of knowledge into your brain in only 3 weeks. Be prepared and try to get some good sleep the night before your exams. When I took my A&P in 1994 I studied so long and hard I started reading things backwards and thought I was reading the Chinese dictionary :lol: I think I self indused dislexia :lol::lol::lol:


Just don't get over your head once you start working and signing things off. No class room is going to teach you what good old fashion experience will. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you get stuck on a project. There are alot of great minds here on the forum and you still have my cell phone number.


Keep us posted on your Skyview project.

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