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Replacing a part in the Installed Equipment List.


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Hi everyone.

If a part in the IEL is replaced, i.e. from Dynon SV-D1000 to Dynon SV-HDX-1100, or the back up capacitors. or any other part in the IEL....

1-Does it require an MRA?

2-It needs to be entered in the same exact section / page where the others were or you can place them any where in the log book, and description / entry?

Basically I am trying to find out what the proper steps / procedure is, and what the proper log book entry minimum verbiage / text, should be.

(Removed PN, SN... , Installed PN. SN...)


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  • Blueyonder changed the title to Replacing a part in the Installed Equipment List.

Are you E-LSA? If so, all log entries are voluntary except for the yearly inspection.

S-LSA: Rules as written say that all changes are supposed to be recorded by the manufacturer. Rules as practiced tend to ignore very small things like superseded parts such as the rotax fuel pump.

If it's on the equipment list, it's not a small change. Those are major systems. MRA it.

Logbook entries at bare minimum should state what you removed and what you replaced, step by step what you did or more commonly reference data that you used (dynon install manual in this case), that you evaluated if a weight and balance revision is necessary, and that you amended the equipment list. All of these items are part of a replacement with a different part number. How you identify the equipment is up to you, as long as someone can sit down and clearly understand what you removed and what you installed and how. Part numbers are a common way to remove all doubt as these part numbers tend to also identify specific revisions of equipment. Finally, it is a good idea to reference the MRA number and attach the returned MRA since this is the authority

so TL;DR:

What you removed

What you installed

Either step by step procedure or reference to data to support the work and authority (MRA)

Weight and Balance revision or NA

Equipment list was revised (and you do have to update the equipment list in the aircraft's manual that should be on board at all times)



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MRA's are for repairs or changes. They are very similar to FAA form 337 requirements for standard category aircraft, except they are required for any change. Swapping one part out for the same part does not require a MRA, because you are not making a change to the aircraft. The MRA's are required because ASTM requires the manufacture to trake all changes to the aircraft from the state in which it left the factory.

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Hi everyone.

Happy Father's day, to all fathers out there.

7 hours ago, Anticept said:

Are you E-LSA?

@Anticept    It's an S-LSA.

Your description is / was  my understanding also, but it looks like most mechanics / owners seem to not follow / ignore it.


2 hours ago, Tom Baker said:

Swapping one part out for the same part does not require a MRA, because you are not making a change to the aircraft.

@Tom Baker  OK, let me make sure I understand.

If I Swap SV-D1000 with another SV-D1000 with a different SN, or a Capacitor etc. which is also recorded with a SN, with another there is No need for an MRA?

Or is it just a replacement of something that does Not have a different SN, as in Repair and Reinstall?

Thanks everyone.


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If the part numbers match you can swap no issue.

You're swapping one skyview for another later version that has a few differences, which probably needs an MRA.

The idea behind the requirements for manufacturers to keep track of changes is also so they can notify owners of certain configurations of unsafe conditions, but that's normally not going to happen.

When the AD on Ameri-King ELTs came out, which covers ALL US registered aircraft, full stop, regardless of airworthiness type, it really should have been at least a bulletin to notify everyone.

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