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Handheld radio with Bluetooth


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So, my plane is equipped with a Garmin 250xl as the only radio. Even though it’s no longer supported, it works great and is tied into the 496, which is tied to the autopilot.

My problem is that you can’t monitor the standby frequency on the 250xl.  90% of my flying is into uncontrolled airports, but the other 10% can be to towered airports, on flight following, in busy airspace. It would be really nice to be able to get the weather without breaking contact with the primary frequency or waiting for a frequency swap and trying to grab the weather between frequency changes.

My question is would a handheld with Bluetooth, paired to the headset, give enough range to get the weather so I can keep the main radio where it should be?

I am perfectly happy with the 250xl if I could only find a better way to get the weather when approaching a towered airport. Sure, I’d love to upgrade the panel, but it currently works and I’m afraid to ask permission for an upgrade!

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