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Engine oil analysis?

Jim Meade

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Hi Jim,


There are a couple of places around that do Rotax. What you are looking for is a place that has a huge data base on Rotax engines at different hour intervals. I use and so do a number of other AvLabs.

The kit is right around $18-$20. It has a collection bottle and some paperwork for you to fill out. It has a self mailer label to stick on and send back to them. You will have your results in about 2 weeks. The run the sample 3 times for accuracy and reference other engines with the same amount of time. They send you the results which I think are easy to read. If something is way out of line in the red they will even call you. The kit number is the GA-0001

I recommend that everyone do an analysis at each annual. Not every oil change, but by at least every other one (at 100 hrs). If you have the 2000 Hr TBO you are required to do them. Even if you don't your smart to do them as they are your early warning system to engine problems.



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