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EGT lower temperature


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Hello everyone,

What is considered a lower EGT temperature for cruising?

I just realized I might be running at a lower EGT temperature than usual. Currently, I'm running at 5000 rpm, 16L/h, at 4500ft, and my EGT reads only 1240ºF, while the other temperatures like CHT/Oil seem normal. I'm concerned that 1200/1240ºF might be too low for the EGT readings. The EGT sensor is correctly positioned at 70mm.

Should my carburetor's needle be in the richest position, maybe? (My guess is 4)

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EGTs don't mean anything unless you're troubleshooting a problem. They're kind of a red herring in standard ops.

CHTs/coolant temps are what are important. That tells you what's going on inside the cylinder, EGT just tells you what is going on with the exhaust. Something has to be wrong with the cylinder *before* it will show up in the exhaust, and you can have cylinder issues that generate high CHTs and yet EGTs look reasonable.

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