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Brake Lines - Supplier or FD?


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So our new Matco brakes are leaking at the fitting from the line to the caliper. Boo. Looking to replace the line, as the end that is in the fitting looks a little second hand. 

Where do I get the 90 degree fitting from? Is that OE FD of Matco? IPC shows C9997417E into the OE caliper 
Brake line material - FD or ??  IPC show a PN of C9997205R 6X4 Nylon Tube @ 2.6m

If I can get everything from Spruce, that would be awesome! 


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Do you have a picture?

Is it leaking from where the fitting screws into the caliper? If so, remove the fitting and apply some Teflon thread sealant and reinstall.

If it is leaking from the line and you have the slack you can trim the line and reinstall. If the line is not long enough order some from McMaster Carr and replace that section. 

IIRC Matco supplies new fitting with the brakes. I do have an old fitting from some Marc brakes if you need one.

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