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CTSW Maint Manual on Ipad

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I use an ipad to minimize paper.  Recently, reading the CTSW maintenance manual has blank spaces for figures (which are pictures, I think)

One example is pdf page 42, which is section 4 for wing.

I'm currently on Ipad OS 16.6.  My oldest backup was 16.5. Pdf fails on both versions. I've tried Books, pdf within Drive, and pdf within files. All fail.

Has anyone else seen this ?  Anybody running an older Ipad OS have it work correctly ?

I suspect some common library has been broken. Now, I'm pretty sure that readers of flight design manuals are a small part of Apple's user base... but how to fix?

would flight design make a new pdf from whatever master file ?

adobe 'reader' on ipad is the  editing program that wants a monthly subscription fee so I did not install that.


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