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Oil quick drain


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I use something similar, but it was from aircraft spruce.  It is the CURTIS OIL DRAIN VALVE FOR ROTAX.  About double the price though.  I installed a copper crush washer, valve, and safety wired, and has been trouble free.  Can't speak to that specific one, but I would go with something from a company like Curtis, as they also make drain valves for the "certified" world.  Also has a nice long stem for attaching a hose if you want.

Edit: I can make it work without removal of the lower cowling, but usually end up fussing about my arms, as I either burn them or cut them trying to get to the valve.

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9 hours ago, Roger Lee said:

Rotax doesn't  like oil drain valves. They drain toooo slow and you get a poor flush on the tank debris. Pluse they worry about leaking.

Fast draining I agree but they don't leak. Almost every piston engine flying has them and has for the last 75 or more years.

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