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Rudder trim


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My rudder trim apparently spontaneously moved itself to full right,  as indicated, during my last flight.  It is now stuck in that position.  How do I get it unstuck?  The only difference in this last flight was that the autopilot was turned on a couple of times, but turned off in less than a minute after the nose spontaneously yawed left.

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The design of the rudder trim system wouldn't lend it to move to one side and get stuck. It is possible for the cable to jump off the pulley on the trim system, but that normally happens when the cables loosened during maintenance. I think I would look at the rudder centering mechanism, and see if something maybe came loose there.

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Thanks Tom and Roger.  My A&P was eventually able to wrestle the trim wheel loose and now turns smoothly.  He also tightened the chrome toggle indicator cap, which he believes effects free movement of the wheel.

i appreciate your quick thoughts on this problem.  Would really really hate to try a dissect any of the apparatuses that run through the central tunnel!

Bob Melo


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