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Rotax code


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On start up, I get Rotax limit opt in messages on the Dynon.  Plane has 300 hours total time engine. Both lanes A and B blink but do not go out like they used to.  If you turn engine on and off some times twice or three times, and A and B will go out like normal and everything is as it should be.  Any ideas on the cause would be greatly appreciated.  I took Lockwood course on Rotax but don't remember this being covered.  

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I’m getting the same thing on a 2019 912is.  This happens when I check Lane A and then Lane B.  The only way to clear it is to shut down and then restart.  The pic shows the error message that I get.  I suspect a Dynon software problem, but don’t know.  Did you get your problem resolved?  Thanks.


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It could be a Dynon fault or a Rotax computer fault (Lane A & Lane B).

Two things I would try first. Extract all fault and data logs then delete them from the Lanes. Then I would remove the electrical connectors on the Lanes and look for an arcing pin and if you see none then apply some dielectric grease to the end of the connector and in the pin area and plug them back in place.Then try a run. Check the fuse box connectors the same way. If these things fail then you may need to send in the Rotax computer (Lane A & Lane ) to  Rotax service center. If these don't work out then send in Dynon.

Before you do these things I would call Dynon and see if they've seen this or get their .02 cents on the fault.

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Heard several question the value of the run up lane check: That if there were an issue after start there is going to be a light and notable degraded engine performance. So why do it? 

Seems the physical abruptness of the lane check process (in certain conditions) might  affect electronic connectivity, causing fault indications for several start cycles until something self corrects. Seems like!   


In that, Parts are Parts:

System excite/energizement through physical switching during start process after battery/gen on…

…ignition key - on A+B

ecu backup - on

throttle % - bottom green

fuel pressure - in green

ecu backup - off


overall seems there is much coarse/abrupt-NESS in the ignition system environment for happy parts wear/connections.   Just a feel!






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