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Intermittent high amperage


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I've had amp spikes in the past. I was told by Dynon to remove the 4 wires and clean them with a scotchbrite pad. Then apply a tad of dielectric grease on the terminals and re-attach them. It only took a few minutes. Most of the shunts were behind the pilot side panel on the back wall.

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I cleaned the 4 shunt connections and flew for 2 hours with no problems then the GREMLINS came back to haunt.  Both ammeter leads to the shunt have fuse holders that I cleaned the fuses also.  Why are these neccesary ?   I also cleaned all the stab connectors on the terminal block on the firewall behind the RH panel.  I don't have a schematic (any help there???) but do I need to start at the battery negative terminal on the engine side of the firewall and clean and treat every connection?  Yikes!

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