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CTSW Door alignment???

Boise Bob

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Folks - The pilot's door on my 06 CTSW does not align correctly. The key lock blade is nearly impossible to rotate and the latch pins for the interior handle only engage in the door frame enough so that the handle is straight up rather than fully forward as it should be.  The holes in the door frame show this with marks on the edges of the holes where the pins should engage freely.  The gap around the door is tight at the rear and open in the front.  To my eye the door should come forward to even the gap all around.  I don't see any obvious adjustment in the hinges to move the door forward, but it appears that doing so may solve the issue without modifying the pin holes.  Does anyone have experience or suggestions how to solve this?  Many thanks for your consideration.  Bob        

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Hi Bob,

I've done a few door re-alignments. It isn't hard. I did mine back in 2007 because the gap up at the front edge allowed all the cold air in. The top area where the screws hold the hinges on are backed by metal. So you can remove the door and hinges and then re-drill and tap new holes. It's quite easy and not as complicated as it may sound.

As the CT sits for a long time the fuselage squats down just a tad making the door opening shape and a tad different. Nothing major, but just enough to allow a gap at the front edge allowing air flow.

Give me a call and this will be easier to exchange to procedure. 520-349-7056

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