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wire diagram ctlsi


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There is no power to either circuit breaker or F5 fuse.  Fuse is in tack.  I do have power if I use the backup and both pumps will run.  I called Airtime for wiring schematic and have not heard from them yet.  Does anyone know what is up steam from either the circuit breaker or the fuse?  I do not know what is first inline.  I can not trace wires without opening the wrappings which I would rather not do.  If anybody has a wiring schematic for the fuel pump system that would willing to email me at flyboypowell@aol.com. I would greatly appreciate it.      

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Just thinking out loud, but there may be no power until the computer tells there to be power when you try and start the engine. I don't recall ever hearing the main pump running while the engine was off on the couple I work on. At least not unless the toggle under the red switch guard is on.

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