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Rotax parts at a huge price reduction

Roger Lee

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Found this site while looking for some carb overhaul parts. Holly cow what a price reduction. Prices are 30% - 50% cheaper. I talked to them and they told me they just buy straight from the part Mfg just like Rotax in Austria does and cut out all the high priced middlemen from the Rotax service centers. I saw a couple after market parts, but most were regular Rotax parts. I purchased a Bing carb overhaul kit that has twice as many parts for a whole lot cheaper price. The parts are directly from Bing and no middleman to add to cost. I'll be buying more from them in the future. I would advise though to buy real Rotax parts and not aftermarket parts. i.e. oil filters, ect....


No shipping charge for orders over $99 and no tax.

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They are great to deal with too.


To the moderators:  Can we start a topic section on spare part options, please? There are a number of small businesses that manufacture or offer original parts at vastly less expensive prices than Rotax for the same or better quality. 

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On 10/31/2023 at 12:44 PM, Anticept said:

They have that silent hektic regulator! https://sideslipaviation.com/products/regulator-rectifier-hektik-4124

That's the one that shined in Chanik's testing, and I couldn't get one because they wouldn't ship to the US.

FWIW, my daughter lives in Germany so years ago I got the Silent Hektik alternator that Chanik liked.  I switched it out for the BandC that has been discussed on this forum.

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