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New propeller choices?

Murray sibbeston

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Im considering buying a new propeller for my 2006 Ctsw which is on amphibious floats.   I’m considering eprop options in either a fixed pitch or inflight adjustable.   Also there are other companies making inflight adjustable im researching.   Does anyone have experience with these options? I read the reports here about the kasper props but it’s dated.  Budget is always a concern but the reversible seaplane prop is pretty appealing.   I began thinking about this as my loaded Ctsw on floats struggles on short lakes.  


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Wow. That's a very compelling photo.

Little Doctor I presume. What months of the year can you get into it on floats?

Mike in Kaslo used to send the forum wonderful photos and movies from Kootenay Lake, and Kelowna, and Kamloops. I miss those. You seem to have the local scenery and photo skills. Maybe you can share more of that with those of us lacking in latitude.

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Yes.  Little doctor lake.   The plane is very good on floats when it’s light.   I have the eprop coming and I’m excited to try it.  The main issue now is on floats it has a hard time climbing over 8000ft and it’s always nice to get a little higher than the tallest mountains in your route.  But on lower elevations it’s ok.  
our backyard is the Nahanni park.  




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I got my prop on but the spinner clearance is too tight and it makes contact with the cowl.   I’m not sure what to do yet.  I emailed eprops and asked them what they suggest.  Maybe the motor IMG_2229.thumb.jpeg.7876fec1c4c1458a86789504885e87a0.jpegis sagging?  I pitched to prop to 26 degrees and tried it without the spinner.   Wot I was indicating 135knots at 5400




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The engine will have to be adjusted by the washers between the engine mount and firewall. The spinner is designed to fit close to the cowling and even slightly over the cowling. The spinner should be centered with the cowling which takes a bit of time to get it right but it's worth the effort. 


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