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New F2 has arrived


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8 minutes ago, Skunkworks85 said:

Nice Ride!!


Im surprised it does not have a eprop. Was this an option?



IIRC E-Props is an approved (or in process of being approved), but not a factory option.  But I could be wrong on that and an E-Prop would be a GREAT addition in performance and weight for an F2.

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On 12/9/2023 at 11:36 AM, EricB said:

Does it fly that differently (from say CTLS) that transition training is needed?

Never have flown LSA. Only heavier planes. But my transition training wasn't exactly a breeze. It was gusting 20kts from every direction and I just couldn't get it down smoothly. Too much speed, too high flare. Aircraft lighter than I am used to. Next few days it was less windy and I got better but still not very confident. I have to be more patient. The speed is a key as it is a very slippery bird. With my landing technique I need to be below 60kts for sure. I like full flaps too. 

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