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Transponder/altimeter check


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Since my transponder/altimeter certification was expiring, I took my plane to an avionics shop to be recertified. By the time they were done, they had ruined my steam guage air speed indicator. The Dynon a/s indicator was OK. Apparently, before taking the transponder to 20,000 feet, they forgot to disconnect the a/s indicator??? Anyway, went out to crank up and noticed the a/s was indicatiog 45K (Dynon was indicating 0) so went back in. They knew immediatly what they had done and have ordered me a new one so all should be OK except for the aggravation.


So, watch it out there. This was a major avionics shop, not some fly by night. They should have had their act together better than this.


And remember, your transponder check is due every two years. The static system check, if I recall correctly, is also due every two years only if you fly IFR. I don't think it is required for VFR only.


Anyway, I flew home at 150K IAS which was great. The 100K final was a little disconcerting though! It is now covered up and marked inop.

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