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Van’s Aircraft files for Chapter 11

Roger Lee

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Aviation is a tough business these days,  lawyers,  regulations,  insurance,  etc. Look at the aircraft on your ramp tie-downs, 90% are from the 60's and 70's most with dated avionics. Who would want to be in this business today at least in this country with the FAA we have today. I used to be in it and wouldn't even consider it today, I have friends in it and the stress is horrible not to mention health issues that arise from it.

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Reorganization. Dick has loaned them a lot of money, he’s loaning another $6mm their way right now. Fingers crossed. The turnaround specialist has a ton of experience.


Glad they are raising kit prices, it doesn’t help that their prices were so far out of date.


 Been following the court filings.

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