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Merry Christmas

Tom Baker

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  • 2 months later...

I'm late to this thread.  But I had a very Merry Christmas.  Long story long:


My wife had been pretty sick the couple of months leading up to Christmas, and she was basically house bound.  She didn't really do anything to get the house ready for Christmas.  I did all the cleaning, decorating, and tree erecting/trimming.  She didn't do anything about getting me any presents, since she was so run down.  But, me being the good husband that I am, I was getting her presents all year long.  She saw something she liked?  It was picked up and went into the workroom closet.  She mentioned something she thought was cool that her coworkers had found?  Into the closet.  So, two weeks before Christmas, presents starting appearing under the tree with her name on them.  Come Christmas Eve, her stockings were full and there were lots of presents under the tree, but all for her and nothing for me.


Now, in November I had learned about the Vashon Ranger, and was looking at it.  Not as an "I'm going to buy that!" kind of thing.  I just thought it was really cool, given it's history and that it could be bought brand new for what I would consider a not too unreasonable price.  After all, I am still working on a Challenger II project.  I talked about the Ranger, and she kind of rolled her eyes at me since I have been taking so long on the Challenger (my second one).


So, on Christmas Eve my wife looked at me after the latest present had appeared under the tree and said, "Why don't you go ahead and buy your airplane."  😲😲😲😲😲


So I started to look and see if there were any Rangers in the area that I could check out.  I also was considering an RV-12.  I went to the local Rotax shop a few days later to talk about getting work done on my 503, and they had an RV-12 in the hangar.  I asked if I could sit in it, and found that the RV-12 was a little cramped for me.  But they did have a CTSW in the hangar also, and I asked to sit in that.  Much better!  Several people at the local airport had been telling me about the CT's, but I wasn't really enthused when they had suggested them.  But sitting in the CTSW was changing my mind.  So when I left their hangar, I drove down the street to talk to the Airtime Aviation guys.  Tom Sr. spent a little while talking to me, even though they were really still closed for the holidays, and told me what might be available.  I took a demo flight with Tom Jr., and now I have a CTLS....


So, yeah.  I had a Merry Christmas!

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John Wayne's production company was Batjac Productions.  Most people think it comes from the John Wayne movie Wake of the Red Witch.  In the movie, Wayne's character works for the Batjak Trading Company.  But note the difference in spelling.  A long, long time ago I ran across a book about Wayne in a little library in a small South Carolina town I was passing through.  In a small blurb about his production company, Wayne explains where Batjac comes from.  He said, "It has the ring of gold to it. A gold coin hitting a felt covered poker table.   'bat-jac' ".  I liked that.  So it's been my online nickname going on 25 years now.

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