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New 912 uls


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I picked up a couple at Leading edge the first part of November. Price was $22,893. I drove to Wisconsin to pick them up, a 12 hour round trip to save on shipping. Your choices are Leading Edge, Lockwood, and Motive Aero. Price will likely be the same, but shipping could be a factor. Maybe a road trip to Florida is in order.

Also consider sales tax, because it can amount to over $1000. If I were to sell the engine from my shop I would have to charge $1774.21 in sales tax. Sales tax and shipping could pay for a nice trip to pick up the engine.

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Yes, it comes with all that. You do have to transfer the airduct. This requires a fair amount of disassembly on top of the engine. You have to reposition the angle of a couple coolant elbows. The mount ring has to be swapped, which requires removing lower coolant hoses. There are two lugs on the back of the starter that must be removed. It uses different oil fittings on the tank and oil pump. You will have to decide how to deal with fuel lines. The new engine comes with Teflon fuel hoses to the pump, but the supply line is not long enough to reach the gascolator. There are probably more things, I am in the middle of a swap right now.

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