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Serengeti Aviators Replacement

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Don't own them, but Randolph makes some nice looking options, pricy.  

I usually hit the big box stores and try them on instead of online.  Prefer fishing departments and select polarized, those can be problematic for glass panels, all depends on the set of glasses, some don't interfere at all, others are a complete screen black out.  Purchased a set of bifocal reader sunglasses off Ebay a couple years ago, those have been my go-to in the plane, if you need some magnification on the close up.

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I don't wear polarized glasses just for that reason. With polarized glasses it depends on the direction of the polarization, and whether the screen on the glass panel is polarized. I wear some Ray Ban aviator style glasses that are not polarized, even though it has the polarized logo etched on the lens, they are prescription bifocals with the brown colored lenses. 

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