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Have Dynon, need CHT sensor

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Part # 965 531


You could try to find an alternative, they're just VDO thermistor type and you can look in the rotax manuals for their response curve. It's an M10 x 1.5

VAF guy claims these could replace the rotax ones:  323-801-010-001D, stamped 801/10/1 by VDO, 300F or 150C max

That model seems to be discontinued and the replacement is VDO A2C1755400001

They're not the round terminals like we have though. Apparently the round tops are called "Bosch" or "56 Series Packard" terminals. https://www.vdo-instruments.com/instructions/A2C59519516 Temperature and Press Senders.pdf

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Still researching, and editing in more info.

EDIT: 150c, M10 x 1.5 round top connector seems to be a very strange mix and difficult to find. Mainly its the x 1.5 part. VDO's website lists various sensors but none fitting ALL of these criteria.

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The sensor is sold by Rotax (they are installed on new engines).  See LEAF:  https://www.leadingedgeairfoils.com/cht-oil-temp-sender-for-rotax-reg-912-914.html

Unfortunately, it is crazy expensive.

EDIT:  It is entirely possible (I do not know) if the sensor that Tom directed you to is the same as the Rotax sensor sold by LEAF.  The sensor Tom directed you to is about $150 cheaper (not a typo) than the Rotax part sold by LEAF.

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50c-150c. When I was checking the other VDO parts I took their resistance response graphs and checked them against the rotax supplied ones and they matched.

Thermistors are super simple devices, they just go down in resistance as they warm up, and there's not much else to them. There's still a tiny possibility they won't work, but like thermocouples... there's not a whole lot to actually change.

They technically can respond outside of that range, but the bulk of operation is within those limited ranges and are the most sensitive there.

When I checked against thermistors with other min/max values, their curves didn't match the graph rotax supplied.


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